5 Reasons to love Reclaimed

Reclaimed Antique Timber Flooring is a uniquely luxurious and timeless flooring choice for an increasingly sustainability and environmentally conscious world. At Walking on Wood, we consider it our premium and signature line. 

The Wigmore, Langham Hotel, London

Tactile and charming, the unique perfect imperfection of reclaimed timber is as alluring and thought evoking as wood can get, conjuring as it does both the spirit and the feel of history and heritage locations. From Parisian apartments to English stately homes, breathing new life into something which has had a previous existence appeals to our love of narrative and sense of continuity, while it is also an extremely practical and wonderfully stylish option.

Here below are 5 reasons why reclaimed timber is one of the best choices for all types flooring projects:

1 Aesthetics

Character, style and sheer beauty: Antique oak is renowned for the individual character and beauty of each piece, telling us its own story through its distinctive grain patterns, knots, and imperfections. This adds an authenticity and warmth to the floor which is unmatched by any other material while each and every reclaimed floor is different, making it the perfect choice for those seeking a one-of-a-kind look.

2 Sustainability

Antique timber is very much the sustainable choice as no new trees need to be felled for its production. Walking on Wood’s proprietary regeneration process breathes new life into timber that would otherwise be discarded or burned, hence with the use of reclaimed oak, clients can reduce their environmental impact, improve their carbon footprint and are promoting sustainability in a meaningful way.

3 Durability

Reclaimed oak wood is often more durable than newly harvested wood, as it has had time to fully mature and harden over many years. This means that it is less likely to shrink, warp, or cup, making it a great choice for high-footfall areas or environments where temperatures may fluctuate.

4 Historical significance

Antique oak wood often has a rich history, having been salvaged from old buildings, barns or even railway sleepers. This can add not just a sense of nostalgia but also a real connection to the past, making it the discerning choice for those aiming to make an authentic and memorable statement with their design and presentation. 

5 Versatility

Reclaimed oak wood can be used in a wide variety of settings, from luxurious period properties through rustic and edgy industrial to sleek, modern and contemporary projects. At Walking on Wood, we are able to stain and finish it to match any design style, making it a versatile choice for any setting.

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