Simply put, the details matter. They are integral to the overall floor design and an essential element of the finished home. Whether it's an integrated floor channel, ventilation covers, or matching stair treads, we pridefully focus on every detail of our installations. 


Metal Inlay

We can tailor your floor down to the finest details– including metal inlays as shown above. These inlays are fully customizable and come in silver, gold and bronze. Whether you are looking to make a flooring statement or add a touch of elegance to a room,  we will create a truly bespoke design for your space.


Lined Borders

The most commonly used border is the 2-line border seen above. Borders can be in Wenge (black hue),  Walnut (brown hue), Maple (cream hue) and Ash (white hue). Borders typically contrast the floor, and depending on personal taste, can be a subtle or stark contrast.