We offer more than just the finest wood flooring, we provide professional white glove installation services as well. Our designers, fitters and finishers are trained according to our exacting standards and can advise on the proper floor preparation. Whether it is parquet, engineered floors, or solid wood we will find the right flooring solution for you.


The overall ease of maintenance is one of the reasons behind the popularity of wood flooring; a quick sweep with a soft broom or vacuuming with a soft, bristle-protected nozzle takes only a few minutes and allows your floor to shine. We help preserve the quality of our floors by recommending the best cleaning and maintenance products for each specific type, color and finish. Contact us to order cleaning and maintenance supplies.


We provide acoustic and impact insulating underlayment for our hardwood floors. This type of soundproofing diminishes the noise that travels between the floor and ceiling below. We can help our clients determine which materials and systems work optimally for their existing construction and preferred floor.